Adept Advice, Rewarding Results

I want to meet or surpass your goals when selling your property.  From our first consultation, I ensure that every phase of the selling process is done right and done well. I carefully listen to understand your motivation and needs.  I help prepare you and the property by explaining the selling process, educating you about the market and steps you can take to maximize your sale price or sell faster. I’ll update you on activities throughout the process so you know always know what’s going on.

Even after more than 25 years in the business, I continue to invest in training so I can stay on top of current trends and cutting edge technology to give you competitive advantages in the marketplace and at the negotiating table.

My team creates impactful marketing/advertising strategy, including online marketing, to expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible.

My sellers have consistently earned top dollar in any market.  Call me for a complimentary analysis to find out what I can do for you.




  1. Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis and advice on the price point that will garner the most exposure and generate the highest offers, based on recent sales of comparable properties in the neighborhood.

  2. Submit your property to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), exposing the listing to local Realtors with interested buyers.

  3. Advertise your home continually on my personal website, social media outlets, and real estate related websites, including, and  All of which generate quality leads with heavy traffic.

  4. Create and deliver marketing collateral, including flyers featuring specifications and virtues, as well as professional grade photographs of your property.

  5. Follow up with all agents and buyers who have visited your property for valuable feedback.

  6. Constantly update you with activity reports.  Discuss any price adjustments necessary to keep your property competitive. Insure all buyers have proof of funds for closing costs, down payment and full purchase price if cash buyers.

  7. Vet prospective buyers and ensure lender approval, proof of funds for closing costs and down payment.  I work closely with lenders that have proven track records and often require buyers to cross-qualify with them, as well as their own, as a safety net should their lender fail to perform.

  8. Represent and advise you on the presentation of all contracts by cooperating agents and negotiate the best possible price and terms for you.

  9. Handle follow-up and keep you informed, after the contract has been accepted, on all lender, title, and other closing procedures, until close of escrow!

  10. Deliver your closing package, including any net proceeds to you.




It is important we price your home properly from the start, while buyer interest is highest.

Timing is extremely important in the real estate market. The above graph illustrates the importance of placing your property on the market at a realistic price and terms from the very beginning.  A property attracts the most excitement and interest from the real estate community and potential buyers when it is first listed; therefore it has the highest chances of a sale when it is new on the market.




Pricing your property competitively will generate the most activity from agents and buyers. Pricing your property too high may make it necessary to drop the price below market value to compete with new, well priced listings.




How do I determine the value of my home?

You are not the one who decides the value of your home-- the market does. Location, condition, competition, and lending/mortgage rates are all factors that determine the value of your home.


Can I still sell my home even if I have only lived there for a short period of time?

You can sell whenever you wish, but you will more than likely lose money if you buy a home and sell too quickly! The payments you make in the early part of your loan mainly go to the interest portion of your loan, not the principle. If you sell early in the process, unless you have made extra principle payments, got the home at an extremely low price, or made a large down payment, you will most likely have to bring money to the closing table in order to sell.


When is the best time to sell?

Traditionally, most homes have sold during the spring months. In the current volatile housing market, the time of year is not the most reliable predictor of the best time to sell.


Should I be there when a real estate agent shows my home?

This is nearly always a bad idea! Sellers think buyers won't be able to see everything, and they need to be there to point out important home features. Most buyers feel uncomfortable when the home owners are present, and it can actually do more harm than good.  Buyers often won't even open cabinet or closet doors when the seller is home, and if they cannot view a house comfortably, they'll just move on.